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Achilles International

Achilles is a non-profit organization that partners able-bodied runners (VOLUNTEERS) with physically-challenged athletes (ATHLETES). Our goals are to welcome Achilles athletes to the wonderful world of running, promote camaraderie, encourage and build self-confidence, and have FUN!

The Houston Chapter of Achilles International welcomes all people with disabilities to the wonderful world of RUNNING! To us, running means any form of forward locomotion – conventional running, walking, wheeling, or swinging through crutches!

Expedition Balance

Expedition Balance is a nonprofit organization founded in Houston, TX dedicated to helping combat veterans cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Expedition Balance supports the recovery of US combat veterans by offering a balanced approach to wellness through group outdoor recreation, spiritual awareness and contemplation, creative expression, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyle education.  Expedition Balance offers great things like yoga, meditation, and outdoor recreation to military Vets needing a little support to feel good again.

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